Is SEO Necessary For Businesses In Singapore?

Why should you bother engaging SEO services for your business in Singapore when it seems that the population in Singapore is small and that the population is also aging rapidly?

Well, there are a ton of other factors which all say otherwise.

Of course, the population size is tiny, and so the scalability of your business will definitely be restricted when it comes to Singapore’s business environment. However, the Internet and Google search engine in particular is still very popular among the locals in Singapore as well as foreigners to the country. In fact, Google as a search engine is more popular outside of the entire United States of America than in it. Especially for Asia Pacific countries such as Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. Hence you need to make full use of this platform (google’s search engine) which is already there and free to use and leverage on it to find customers easily by engaging SEO services for your Singapore business.

Next of all, despite the aging population, most of the younger population are educated till at least around high school level, and so all of them are at least literate (whether they are smart is another issue), but you cannot argue that all of them use the Internet very often and very well! Even then, the elderly citizens in Singapore also actually use their mobile phones and laptops rather actively. Many of them in Singapore also wield a smart mobile phone, so you need to be prepared to serve them by having your website showing up on the top of Google search engine for your relevant search terms and phrases.

Hence, it is necessary for your business to get SEO done so that your website can be found by your potential customers in Singapore – and this is especially the case if your business provides products or services to the younger population (e.g. the Y or Z generation).

It is agreed that Singapore’s market size is not big at all, but why not milk it to the fullest before going overseas to expand? Cheers! Hope I helped.

Why You Need A Competent SEO Consultant

Whether or not you work with a competent SEO consultant in Singapore determines how fast you see business growth and success.

Would you work with a bad accountant who doesn’t know what he or she is doing? No. So why would you compromise on your Singapore SEO consultant? Make sure to get the best SEO in Singapore like Shark Web Pte Ltd. In today’s Internet age, your corporate website is exactly like your business’s store front. So you need to get your website out to as many potential prospects as you can. If you want your Singapore business to stay small and only in the country, then do the outdated marketing methods. SEO is a great leverage to help businesses grow to a large scale quickly and on a scale unimaginable before Google search engines came into play.

Most people and their businesses rely on pure word of mouth to grow and depend on their warm connections. This is the old way of doing business and you cannot grow your business fast using this method. This is simply because there is only 24 hours in a day and so many hours you and your Singapore employees can work. Additionally, they can only reach out to people on Singapore island. On the other hand, when you utilize SEO on search engines, what it allows you is to reach out to people around the world including Singapore and it also can work for you 24/7 without complaining and there is no need to pay CPF for it as it’s a website which is well search engine optimized and not an employee.

So, here’s how working with a great search engine optimization consultant can change your business growth trajectory and your life forever!!!!!

– He/she gets you onto page 1 Google ASAP so that you start receiving many new visitors which you then convert into paying customers.

– He/she maintains that result on page 1 Google over the long-term for as long as time because he/she only uses white hat SEO

Make very sure only to get top SEO services in Singapore from a good SEO consultant in Singapore or you would bear the brunt of lots of opportunity costs

Why Most Businesses Require SEO

SEO is necessary for anyone doing business in this 21st century where Internet marketing has clearly overtaken all other forms of marketing strategies.

This is because of the scalability and relatively low cost of digital marketing and SEO versus offline (outdated) traditional marketing.

As a startup, it is hard to have the budget for hiring a lot of salespeople at the right time, hence invest in the most hardworking of them all – a website coupled with SEO – this creates the ultimate lead generating engine. You then hire people to close these leads and convert them into paying customers.

The way to start off is through the above mentioned method – SEO.

From then on, feel free to scale. You might argue that there are other types of Internet marketing which could work in Singapore as well, but I simply don’t recommend using them for starters (e.g. Singapore start up businesses). This is because of the following reason(s):

First, let’s talk about social media marketing. People use social media to connect with their friends, talk with relatives and friends as well as to look and catch up with any interesting news of friends’ updates. To put it simply, people are only utilizing social media to see what is already (key) popular.

However, as a start up, you could go the tough way of asking all of your friends and family to support you by liking your page on top of getting press releases. But this is a tough route to go, and your efforts and investments would be better off used in another way. Especially when there are much more effective forms of Internet marketing such as SEO for start ups (take note though that it is crucial for start ups to still use social media, but not as a main Internet marketing tool.

Additionally, as your company grows, then you need to engage your existing customers and audience more on social media, but for now, SEO is a better way.

Secondly, SEO in Singapore is so good for beginning businesses because you do not have to depend on your current social or business circle to help you expand your business (which can be really difficult for people with few connections). Hence, you can get a lot of strangers as your customers due to SEO on top search engines in Singapore such as Google.

A common issue that many start up founders and businessmen or businesswomen face is the lack of connections necessary for a business to succeed. Now with SEO, you will be able to get a lot of customers from all over the world (but since you’re a local business, then Singapore). There is no such thing as impossible for customer acquisition when you get SEO.

There is no need to bother with your ‘warm market’ or ‘connections make or break businesses’ because SEO is able to leverage the power of the Internet and giant search engines to find you the customers you so desperately want.

Hopefully I have convinced you to pick up SEO for your Singapore business. Good luck

Why Use Search Engine Optimization And Not Advertising

After developing a great website which is meant to convert visitors into paying customers, it is probably time to start marketing your website online where the reach is great, vast and relatively much cheaper than any form of offline marketing (which honestly is super outdated).

Find a great SEO company in Singapore and you’re set for life for income streams because SEO strategy brings you leads passively 24/7 a day as long as you also have a good call to action on your website.

These are people who are interested in what you have to say already – hence they’re searching for your type and kind of product / services!

Instead of dabbling in difficult social media strategies, why not just stick to search engine optimization and get customers quickly and easily? Just work with experienced consultants from a reputable SEO agency in Singapore.

Of course, as with any recommendations when it comes to Internet marketing, there would always be a lot of skeptics. Here is what I have to say to those who believe that SEO is still not the best method of marketing for businesses in Singapore.

Argument: Why don’t I just advertise? It supposedly reaches more people as well.

My answer: Look, there is an inherent different between marketing and advertising. When you promote your business products or services on places such as a bus stop in Singapore, what you are essentially doing is advertising and people associate advertising with being irritating and ‘in your face’. However, when your market your business through SEO, people feel like they approached you and wanted to get information from your business website instead of the other way around where you shove your business or website down people’s throats.

Additionally, in today’s world, reaching a lot of people who don’t even care about you will mean that a big bulk of your marketing cash budget is spent on people who will never ever purchase from you. That means you get a horrible return on investment when you advertise in that way. On the contrary, when you market on Google search engine using a SEO Internet marketing strategy in Singapore, what you get is people who are already looking to hand you their money to buy your product or service. This makes converting them into sales leads or paying customers extremely easy and will definitely yield you a high and positive return on investment! Cheers!

Leverage SEO To Grow Your Business

Once you have built a great looking website, you should start on search engine optimisation (SEO) to boost traffic to your website organically by making use of search engines. Many people uses search engines to find content online these days, and Google search engine in particular is extremely popular among users all around the world – including Singapore. Google is the clear market leader in Singapore and all neighboring Asian countries. The sheer and colossal importance of SEO on Google cannot be over emphasized.

Of course, SEO is a very niche skill and it definitely requires someone or a company like SharkWeb with a solid IT and Internet marketing background to be able to understand the process of doing SEO effectively. It requires some programming knowledge and how the semantic web or Internet works in general. Hence, SEO is not something an average person can do. A common issue that I used to face when working in an Internet marketing company in Singapore a few years ago was that potential clients were telling me that they could simply hire an intern to do Singapore SEO for their corporate website – let me warn you, it’s far from being that simple. Even experienced people sometimes fail to achieve good results in tough competition niches because you need to keep staying updated with the top search engine practices and keep working hard at it before you can even hope to see tangible results of any kind. People who wish to conduct SEO for their businesses should engage a SEO agency in Singapore.

Delegate the SEO work to the SEO company and you can focus on your core business in the meantime. This is a necessary marketing expenditure you will have to make in order to gain more sales for your business. Treat it as a real estate investment where your website is your online storefront. You are getting the SEO firm in Singapore to help you move your online storefront (corporate website) onto the front pages of Google for the relevant search terms to your product / service / company.

Without SEO, you will lose a huge part of organic traffic to reach your website. Internet is a huge place, and SEO can help to complement your website and make your website stand out among the rest. To add on, the visitors to your website who come organically from Google search engine are highly qualified prospects because these visitors have been searching for your business or for your type of products or services online before they even stumbled upon your website – this makes conversion optimization easy for your website when you get steady traffic flow to your website as a result of SEO on Google.

How Much Time Is Required For Website Development?

Depending on what kind of website you are developing, the time required for it will vary. This makes complete sense as a simple website will of course need less time to develop compared to a more complex website. I have listed the time frames for various types of web design and development below.

If you are building your website on a template, you should typically take no longer than 3 days to complete your website. This also includes inputting the contents and graphical designs and structuring your website a little.

If you are building a website with a Content Management System, the web design in Singapore would take approximately 1 to 3 weeks for the full completion of your website because you need to test as well.

If you are building an e-commerce website, you should take between 2 weeks to one and a half months to complete your full Singapore web design and development depending on the number of products you wish to input on the website. A huge chunk of your time will be spent on the database designing and development to ensure a secured and properly working database. Then the second big chunk of your time will actually be spent putting in all the information about the various products (e.g. price points, pictures, promotions (if any) e.t.c.) into your E commerce site. This is actually quite tiring so I would recommend you get a web developer in Singapore instead. These web designers usually charge on the basis of how many products you are selling (e.g. 50-100 products would be of a certain price range while more would be a different charge and costing).

If you have a fantastic business idea in Singapore and you want to create the next SGCARMART or something like that, then you would definitely take much longer to code and fully design such a website and it could take you up to half a year for the full completion of the project. Additionally, there would be a lot of beta testing required so that you ensure the web design is fully functional and looks good on all devices including mobile devices such as phones and tablet PCs as well.

5 Points To Note When Designing A Website

Remember that the end and ultimate goal and purpose of a website, especially a website for a local business in Singapore, is to attract and retain Internet visitors to actually read through your website – hopefully all of it. Hence, it is very important for your website to appeal to users. The appearance (design) of your website should be one of your top priorities, other than its contents. This is because a good Singapore website design can result in better conversion optimization (more visitors converted into customers). The best websites in the world like does this perfectly @ conversion optimization.

Here are some things to take note when you are carrying out website designing.

1. Make sure that the tabs or menu buttons in your website is easily seen and differentiated from your contents. Making these buttons stand out let the users know exactly where and what to press to navigate around your website. Users hate to be stuck on certain pages, not knowing how to go about to link to other pages in the website.

2. Use different fonts for different sections. Ideally, you want to use larger fonts for the headers or sub headers and then smaller fonts for the usual contents on your business website.

3. Use professional-looking colours in your web design Singapore. For example, do not use fanciful colours such as bright rainbow colours. They do not suit a professional website. Colours like black, white, with a mixture of a few other colours will make your website design look more professional. Additionally, you want to study color psychology (or get someone in Singapore who understands or know it to design your website for you)

4. Make sure to always list your unique selling proposition of your business several times through out the copy of your website. Make sure that all the visitors will be able to notice it at one glance (e.g. putting it above the fold of your website design).

5. Make sure to have a strong call to action. The whole point of your website is to build your brand and get sales. Period. You need people to become your leads or customers. This is the conversion part and is a big part of website design actually – so you want to make sure you get this part of your website design done well or hire a good Singapore website developer with background in marketing.

Web Designing And Developing In Singapore

Developing a website is not as easy as it seems. While there are many templates for website building through software such as WordPress, those templates only offer the basic features. A good website should actually allows the webmaster(s) to customise it anyway they want. Following a standard template just allow you to input contents to it, restricting your capability to customise it.

If you just want a simple website, you can go to WordPress or some other website building site with step by step guidelines for you. If you want a customised-looking website according to your requirements, look for a professional website designer or a website development company. There are lots of companies offering web development in Singapore, although admittedly, not all web developers in Singapore are equally good. Hence you need to know how to look for the right web developer in Singapore for your local business website as well.

Website design and development is not an easy task. A good web design may take some time because it requires the web developer to work on 2 areas for web development, namely the server side and the client front-end website side.

If you are here on my website, you might also be wondering how much does a normal corporate website development cost? Here are some price ranges if you were to hire a developer in Singapore.

If you are looking at a simple corporate website with 2 to 5 tabs with mostly information provision as your key on your website (this is usually the case with traditional associations and clubs who want an online presence to attract a younger crowd in Singapore to their following as well). Such a corporate website design and development would cost you between 1 thousand to 3 thousand dollars if you were to hire someone in Singapore to do it for you.

If you are looking at an E-commerce website for your online fashion blog business, that usually costs a lot more and a good website developer in Singapore may charge you upwards of 10 thousand dollars. This is quite normal and scales up according to your Singapore business web development requirements.