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    Evil Train

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    Game Info: "Evil Train"
    Evil Train
    • Category: Action
      • Description: Destroy the evil train by firing from your guns. You can enhance the power of your guns by placing the mouse over them. There are five scenes in this game. You can update your strength after every scene. If the bullets from the evil train hit your guns their strength gets reduced. If the strength becomes zero the game ends.
      • Instructions: Click the start button to start the game.rnBuild railroad links by clicking on the rail segment buttons on the top-left.rnTo complete the track you have to hit the end red line with blue start line.rnAssemble your guns by clicking the mouse and dragging them.rnRelease the mouse to place them at the desired places. Place the guns such that they do not touch the rails, or touch one another.rnClick the play button to play the game.rnYou have to destroy the evil train by shooting at it from your guns, which is automatic.rnEnhance the power of any gun by placing the mouse over it when it is firing.rn If the bullets from the evil train hit your guns the strength gets reduced. If it becomes zero the game ends.rnYou can buy strength updates after every round.rnIf the evil train is destroyed 100% you complete the scene. There are five scenes to play in this game.rnClick letter "s" to replay the game any time during play.rnOther instructions are given in the game.